Planning Guide


Having an idea as to how much you are willing to spend will provide significant guidance in the planning process. Our designers will, based on your budget, determine the best value and level of customization in style, wood species, and finish. This ensures you get the most customization you possibly can based on your available funds.


Do you prefer traditional, contemporary or transitional? Do you appreciate clean simple lines or do you tend toward curves and high-definition? Knowing the feel you want to give your space helps with the planning process, but if you are unsure as to your own personal style, don’t worry. Our experienced designers know what questions to ask to assist you in identifying your tastes. Innerwood will make sure your space matches your personal style, whatever it might be.


Are you looking to organize your space? Make it more visually appealing? Both? Identifying your goals for the room helps our designers give you both a picturesque and helpful space. If you’re looking to organize, knowing the approximate sizes and shapes of the items will help us design, build and install the perfect storage solution for you.

Our Ideas

Stop by and we’ll show you the many creative alternatives for unused or hidden spaces. You’ll be amazed at what we can design and build to create a simultaneously charming and functional space.

  • A well-designed mudroom keeps your kitchen clutter-free and helps on-the-go families stay organized. It’s a great place for purses, backpacks, papers, and groceries. Some families post a bulletin board in their mudroom to keep track of their schedules. Many wonder, after using their new mudroom, how they ever survived without one!
  • Bookcases built into the space underneath stairs turn wasted space into helpful storage.
  • A custom-built niche (or two) in an entryway is a beautiful place to display family heirlooms.
  • Nature Shelves are open bookshelves for showcasing your children’s beloved discoveries. A turtle shell, butterfly wing, seashell, or rock collection can be both organized and displayed for observation or play.
  • Bench Seats are ideal for storing games, toys, stuffed animals, children’s books, and more. In addition to storage, it provides extra seating.

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