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Design – Recognizing the Dream

Whether you’ve been inspired by a picture in a magazine or simply by the idea of a beautiful, functional space, you can rely on Innerwood’s exceptional designers to recreate that feeling in your own home.  We believe that brilliant design is achieved through experience, active listening, creativity and comprehensive attention to detail.  Our designers showcase these attributes in each and every project.  Whether you’re remodeling or constructing a new home, they will carefully devise a space that is both beautiful and functional.  To ensure we match your personal style we will recommend colors, textures, shapes and finishes, creating renderings and layouts to help you visualize the space.  This is one of the most exciting phases of the project; please stop by our showroom in Milford to see how we turn customers’ dreams into reality.


Production – Building the Dream…

Now that you’ve been shown how your dream space will become a reality, let’s start building!  Our craftsmen mill and fabricate the pieces using both artisanal woodworking methods and the latest in technology and machining capabilities.  Our CNC machine, a computerized milling machine, produces perfectly fitted moldings and pieces with unequaled precision.  Every piece created reflects excellent quality and workmanship in a timeframe other custom shops can’t beat.  Our skilled finishers deliver stained and painted products using specialty treatments like glazed, crackled and distressed.  You will be taken aback by the superiority of our final product.


Installation – Living the Dream…

It’s time to see your dream become a reality, and live it!  Installation of all the pieces we just made is executed with the greatest care and skill by Hueber Brothers, Inc., one of the best Cincinnati-based interior trim carpenters.  For over 30 years their dedication has brought recognition and resulted in membership with the International Guild of Master Craftsmen.  You’ll look at your finished dream space, now a reality, and feel the joy of having both a stunning and useful room.

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