Innerwood History

In 1990, Innerwood & Company was founded to produce select cabinetry and architectural woodwork that would enhance the style, utility and integrity of customers’ homes.  It was decided that value-oriented service to Cincinnati-area builders and homeowners could be provided while still maintaining peak quality.

Dan Hueber and Janine Melink-Hueber, a husband and wife team, developed this venture alongside skilled artisans and professional co-workers to give clients a tasteful and organized space.  By incorporating furniture-grade details and adhering to classic architectural principles, Innerwood & Company showed that practical areas can also be fashionable ones.

Over 20 years later, Innerwood has gained recognition in Cincinnati for this distinction in value, design, material selection, construction and finishing.  We are continuously evolving due to technological advances that inspire innovative, stylish products, but our customer-focused philosophy remains unchanged.

Innerwood Differnce

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